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At Al Arabiah we offer a range of polystyrene Products for packaging purposes, Polystyrene is a cost effective packaging solution.

It has very strong Protective and thermal properties which achieves lower damage rates and maintains the Chilled temperature sensitive products.


Al Arabiah Polystyrene stocks loose fill packaging for all your one of a kind shipping needs. The packaging comes in 15 cubic foot bags.

We have the capabilities to provide bean bag fill. We can provide virgin or regrind fill. It’s done on a large scale with full truck loads or if you just need a tune-up on your existing bean bag chair, or for any use needed.


Industry professionals also appreciate the flexibility of EPS Insulation. Its availability in a wide range of densities and sizes, any project can be completed efficiently and affordably with little to no-waste.

Customized sizes are always available for any project no matter how unique.

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